WBSO 2024 - These are the changes
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Meanwhile, in our office, we are working hard to...

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In the ever-changing world of greenhouse farming, it is...

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The automotive industry is constantly evolving and new...

WBSO Innovation Box
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Innovation is a crucial driver of economic growth and competitiveness....

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Offshore is a very large industry, with many companies...

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Research and development (R&D) is also called R&D (research and...

The SOM blog.

Here we post monthly updates about the WBSO subsidy, examples of companies and cases that we have supported in the subsidy process and tips and tricks about the subsidy process and about the WBSO. Are you new to the WBSO subsidy? Then we recommend you start at the blog: What is the WBSO Subsidy? Then it is a must to see if your work is eligible for the WBSO subsidy. For this you can take a look at the blog Who is the WBSO for? Anything missing? Let us know and contact us via the contact page.

Where do we get this info from? Good question!

The WBSO subsidy is awarded by the RVO (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). This is because the RVO is an institution that is there to help entrepreneurs realize their plans. To this end, they have information, tips & tricks and if you qualify, financial resources to help you as entrepreneurs on your way. The WBSO subsidy is one of these, intended to reduce the costs incurred for you in developing a technical innovation, provided the project falls within the rules and guidelines of the subsidy. The knowledge about this can all be found on the WBSO page of the website of the RVO.

This blog is set up to combine the information found there with our knowledge and vision, to help you as an entrepreneur even easier towards the WBSO subsidy.

Please contact us

Together we look at current work and projects to find, consider or support grant opportunities for you.

Nila Luyten

Your WBSO partner.

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