About Subsidie Op Maat

In a world where time is a scarcity, words like innovation and development sound only for The lucky few. The opposite is true. The WBSO subsidy also helps you enable innovation and development. Subsidie Op Maat is the intermediary for obtaining this financial boost.

Skilled in the full process and with genuine attention to your business.

With experience on both sides of the table, we have experienced better than anyone else where an intermediary can make a difference. Not just by formulating, submitting and handling your development. But by really understanding, thinking along with you, highlighting bottlenecks and together arriving at a submittable application. Skilled in the entire process and with sincere attention for your company. In this way we create a cooperation between partners and you as a small entrepreneur, engineer or self-employed person become part of the lucky few!

Our goal

With our guidance and the financial support from the WBSO subsidy, you can take that step towards innovation and development. And during this step, trust is at the basis of the partnership. Your idea remains your idea and is handled with the greatest care. Only in this way can you continue to innovate with full confidence. We are not just an intermediary. We are the partner who helps you grow. At every moment. On any day. In any way.

We are Subsidie Op Maat and we really think with you.

About the TEAM

The ambitious trio of Subsidie op Maat.



Arranges your WBSO from A to Z. As the newest member of the SOM team, Nila helps you with the first steps in WBSO application. With a medical background, WBSO applications in the medical sector are no problem.




A highly motivated and driven personality. With a background in mechanical engineering, he translates your daily work into a grant application.



Brings a structural approach and analytical understanding to every project. Extensive industry experience in project-based work ensures reasoned input into every conversation.

Remko Luyten

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Together we look at current work and projects to find, consider or support grant opportunities for you.

Nila Luyten

Your WBSO partner.

T: 015 202 46 99
E: [email protected]