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Then check out our blog on suitable grant projects. After that, do you still have no idea if your project is suitable? Get in touch and we'll discuss it together.

In short, no. We work on a no cure, no pay basis. So in the event that your WBSO application is rejected, you owe us nothing.

We will always try to submit an application together that is as promising as possible. Of course, there is always a chance that your project will raise questions with the RVO, or that it will eventually be rejected. We will do our best to answer the questions of the RVO to ensure that the project has as much chance of success as possible. This way of working has ensured that we get very few rejections, after years of being in the business. If our customer does get a rejection, we will not send an invoice as we work based on no cure, no pay. We will then come over to look at other subsidy possibilities and simply try again.

For providing our services, we charge 15% of the grant amount. We work on a no cure, no pay basis: if you do not receive the subsidy, you owe us nothing.

No, in fact, the RFO is very happy with the work we do. This is because we draw attention to the WBSO and make the process run more smoothly. In this way we all ensure that the Netherlands can remain at the forefront of technical innovation. We therefore also see ourselves as part of the process of innovation, as a partner for the subsidy applicant. We do our part to effectively spend the budget that the government has budgeted for the technical innovativeness of Dutch business.

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