Subsidies in automotive? Consider the WBSO

The automotive sector is constantly evolving and new technologies and innovations are constantly emerging. Companies in this sector must stay ahead and invest in R&D(research and development) to remain competitive. However, R&D can be expensive and many companies may not have the resources to fully fund it. This is when the WBSO subsidy can help.


The WBSO subsidy can provide financial support to companies performing R&D activities. These can include activities such as developing new products, processes or software, and improving existing products or processes. 

Not only can the subsidy be advantageous when developing new cars, but also when equipping the workshop. Think about building a new kind of bridge, for example, or developing a new workbench. There are more than enough eligible projects in the automotive sector. 

Grant in automotive

So for these companies, the WBSO subsidy can be particularly useful. The industry is undergoing dramatic changes, with a shift to electric and autonomous vehicles, and there are many opportunities for companies to innovate and develop new technologies. The WBSO subsidy in automotive can help companies fund these activities to stay competitive and at the forefront of the industry.

With the right expertise and guidance, companies can navigate through the application process and maximize the benefits of the grant. Subsidie op Maat helps you innovate. 

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