WBSO subsidy in welding technology

WBSO subsidy in welding technology

In the world of welding technology, innovation is a key factor for success. From the latest welding processes to advanced equipment, there are constant advances that help companies in this industry stay competitive. But innovation often comes at a high cost, which is where the Promoting Research and Development Act (WBSO) grant can come into play. 

Why the WBSO?

The WBSO is a Dutch subsidy that encourages companies to invest in research and development (R&D). The purpose of the scheme is to promote innovation and help companies develop new products, processes or services. This applies not only to high-tech companies, but also to sectors such as welding technology.

Welding technology is a critical component of several industries, from construction to aerospace. Improving welding techniques can significantly increase the efficiency, quality and safety of products. Companies in the welding technology sector often need to experiment with new materials, welding methods and equipment to meet the ever-changing demands of customers. This is where the WBSO comes in handy.

How does it work?

The WBSO subsidy is designed to reduce the labor costs of employees engaged in R&D activities. Companies can receive a reduction in their payroll taxes. The subsidy amount depends on the number of hours spent on R&D and is calculated based on the labor costs of the employees involved.

To qualify for the WBSO subsidy, companies must demonstrate that they are engaged in technological innovation in welding technology. This may involve developing new welding techniques, improving existing processes, researching materials or creating new welding equipment.

Examples WBSO in welding technology

For WBSO in welding technology, one quickly thinks of complicated robotic arms and other automated welding machines. It doesn't always have to be that complicated. If it's technically new to your company, and you can explain it, we'll go a long way. It could be software, or it could be developing a workbench, for example. Don't worry, we can help identify the projects.

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