WBSO in the Offshore

Offshore is a very large industry, with many companies investing in new technologies and methods to harness the power of wind and water. However, these projects can be expensive and require a significant amount of research and development. This is where the WBSO subsidy comes in.

WBSO in offshore

The WBSO subsidy, or the Special Research and Development Act, is a tax credit that companies can apply for to support their research and development activities. The subsidy is designed to stimulate innovation and boost the Dutch economy by providing financial support to companies investing in new technologies and methods. Offshore projects are one of the areas eligible for this grant. For the criteria please refer to our blog for whom is the wbso subsidy intended.

How does the WBSO help offshore companies?

For offshore projects, the WBSO subsidy can be particularly useful. These projects often require extensive research and development to find the best methods to capture energy from wind or water. And that's expensive! Through financial support, the WBSO subsidy can help companies offset some of these costs by providing a reduction in payroll taxes or in the form of compensation in actual costs and expenses.

Among other things, the grant is relevant to offshore wind projects, which are becoming increasingly important as countries around the world seek to transition to more renewable energy sources. Offshore wind projects are technically challenging and require innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of the sea. The WBSO grant can help companies developing new offshore wind technologies overcome these challenges and bring their projects to fruition.

Applying for WBSO

At Subsidie op Maat we have a large percentage of offshore clients. Our colleague Remko has over 30 years of experience as an offshore engineer. That's easy, after all we speak the same language! Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. Or look here for more information on how the WBSO works.

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